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Having a strong business background prior to getting into Real Estate, I have always been attracted to the idea of making my own brand. One of the toughest decisions any aspiring entrepreneur has to make is the timing of leaving the relative comfort of their current position. Not surprisingly, it took us some time to fully commit to the idea of starting our own firm. Tammy and I spent months listing and analyzing both the positives and the negatives of this major decision.

To start off 2017, we felt 99% committed to the idea of branching out on our own. So, we began exploring leasing options and researching what the final logistics would look like in real time. We almost immediately realized that we were in fact ready to move forward with this new adventure. Everything we looked into, including office space, just felt right to us. What a great feeling!

Another big step in the small business process is naming the company. This proved to be a more in depth process than we initially thought it would be. But what a FUN process!!! In real estate, we found that most regional and local companies took a very similar path in naming their companies. They took their last name and added some type of real estate term to it …. And that’s it. Tammy and I played around with this idea as well. But it just didn’t feel right. We wanted something that spoke to our personal life decisions; but, being the destination retirement community that we are, we also wanted something that people from all over the country would immediately recognize.

An Eastern North Carolina native marries a Marine from the other side of the Rockies ….. And they choose to settle down and start a family in the mountains known as the Blue Ridge Mountains …. Some things, as they say, are just no-brainers!
You gotta love it when a plan comes together!

Bryan & Tammy new adventure
Bryan Ross

Marine owned & operated

Owner / Broker / Realtor®


Having been in Real Estate prior to the bubble bursting, I have experience in every type of Real Estate Market imaginable. I was able to not only stay in real estate full time during the most difficult years of The Recession, but I found a way to thrive in those years and remain the sole provider for my family of 4. Having succeeded in the best and the worst of Real Estate markets, I have gained the knowledge needed to help me understand exactly what it takes to move a home or find a home, regardless of what hand we might be dealt from outside influences that are out of our control.


Since serving in the Marines, my professional career has revolved exclusively around the home. Whether it was doing a remodeling project, helping someone find their dream home, or helping someone sell their home so they can move on to that next great adventure, I have always felt right at home taking care of other’s homes.

I know how to make you feel good about the tough decisions that come along with buying or selling a home. I understand that both emotion and reason play a part in these significant life events. I know that it takes more than just desire to make things happen. And I know how to listen to your needs and concerns, so I can best help you accomplish your goals.

Having lived in several regions of North Carolina before settling in Hendersonville, I also know how fortunate I am to live in Western North Carolina. Whether it’s time to sell your existing home, begin the journey of finding your next home, or you need help doing both, you can have the confidence that I will be there looking out for you.


Originally from the mountains of Northern Idaho, Bryan decided to call North Carolina home after spending several years here during his time in the United States Marine Corps. June of 2017 marks my 24th Anniversary of living in North Carolina! 13 years ago I married Tammy, a North Carolina native. We have two young boys, Cooper and Braydn.

As an avid outdoorsman, I enjoy everything from fly-fishing the Smokey Mountains to hiking and mountain biking the Pisgah and DuPont Forests to camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I also enjoy spending time with my family, riding my motorcycle on the Blue Ridge Parkway, walking around downtown Hendersonville, and taking in a Bristol NASCAR race when I can.

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